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Mexican Food – Brief Introduction to Mexican Food

Mexican Food is one of the most sought after cuisines and around the globe. Everywhere you go, you are bound to find Mexican food as the gastronomic demand for this cuisine is increasing. Mexican food is famous for its flavours, exciting flavours and its enticing spicy taste.

Mexican food goes way back to the pre-Hispanic era. The Aztecs and the Spanish colonists contributed to the evolution of this type of food. Among the non-vegetarian ingredients used in Mexican cuisine are Pork, Beef and Chicken. As for the vegetarian ingredients, broccoli, cauliflower, radish and pepper are used in abundance. It has also been stated that the Caribbean and French were also responsible for the evolution of Mexican cuisine mexican restaurants near me.

Every region in Mexico has its own unique taste, style and variety. Different climate conditions and various ethnic groups contribute to the impact on Mexican gastronomy. The South-Eastern part of Mexico is famous for its chicken and spicy vegetables. Whereas in the Northern region, you will find more beef and meat used in the dishes. If you are fortunate enough to travel the whole of Mexico, you can easily distinguish the dishes between the regions.

“Arroz con Pollo” is a well known Mexican delicacy that has the capability to tickle your taste buds. It is made up of rice and chicken and is considered to be a traditional delicacy. The dish gets is very colourful as it is made up of a mixture of vegetables, fresh herbs and saffron.

“Barbacoa” is similar to your barbecue and since it dates back to historical times, barbecue is said to have been originated from “Barbacoa”. Similar to how we do a barbecue, meat is slowly cooked over an open fire in this type of dish. “Barcacoa de cabeza” is a North Mexican favourite where the cow head is cooked slowly over open fire.

“Pico de gallo” means rooster’s beak in Spanish and it is a fruit salad with limejuice spread all over. Before serving, salty white chilli powder is sprinkled on the dish to add some more spiciness to the dish.

If you are a food person, you would have heard of the word “Taco”. It is a Mexican platter made up of rolled maize tortilla with meat fillings. The fillings can be made from grilled beef, pork, fish, picadillo or chicken. “Taco” is best eaten together with chopped chilli, salsa, onion and other garnishes to bring out the flavours of the dish. “Taco” is served flat on a tortilla that is warmed up on a comal. As tortilla is soft, it can be folded into a U-shape which makes it easier to eat. Taco is a mouth watering dish and can be easily prepared suitable for a quick and healthy meal anytime of the day.

In the beverage category, “Aquas Frescas” is a refreshing beverage made from fruits, seeds, sugar, cereals and water. This beverage is not only popular in Mexico but also in Central America and the Caribbean. Tamarind is added to create a variety called “Aqua de tamarindo” which is highly sought after. “Aqua de horchata” includes rice while Roselle is added to make “Aqua de jamaica”. These drinks are easy available from street vendors and very affordable.

Mexican food has a very wide variety and is very rich in taste. This type of food not only tastes good but also provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre. As the vegetables used are not overcooked and most raw, they contain a much higher nutritional value as compared to cooked ones. To those who are not used to spicy food, you should stay away from Mexican cuisine as lots of chillies and peppers are used.

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