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Planting Orchids – Don’t Use Regular Potting Soil

I have a friend who was given a large beautiful orchid as a gift. After planting her new orchid in a new pot with nice rich potting soil, she watched it die a slow death. She learned the hard way that orchids have different requirements than regular houseplants. Orchids aren’t really any more difficult to grow than regular houseplants, they just have different growing material needs than other plants FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Organic Mix Indoor B07VLPKXCT

Orchids in the Wild.

Epiphytes, commonly known as “air plants”, are the most common orchids people are growing, and that you will find at your local nursery. This type of orchid grows on tree branches and tree trunks in the wild. Their roots soak up and store rainwater, but the outside of the roots dry off between watering s. This way orchids are able to protect their self from fungus and bacteria, which would cause the roots to rot. Regular potting soil doesn’t allow orchid roots to dry off or get air.

Orchid Medium.

The main purpose of medium is to support the plant upright and maybe provide a bit of moisture between watering s. When planting orchids there are different media available for you to use. The most common media are bark chips, coconut fiber or chips, granular charcoal, and cork. Cork slabs are used to mount orchids. Sometimes sphagnum moss or peat moss is used for orchids that need to stay moist such as Pleurothallids. The best way to choose a suitable medium for your area and type of orchid is to check with the local growers and breeders to see what they are using.

When Should I Re-Pot My Orchid.

When you first bring your new orchid home you should give it some time to adjust to its new environment, the amount and intensity of light, the temperature, and the humidity. One week should be enough time. If the pot your orchid came in has good drainage out the bottom it should be okay for a year or two. The main reason for re-potting orchids is to provide new medium because the old medium is starting to break down and become like soil, packing around the roots where they no longer get sufficient air, and not letting the roots dry out which will cause them to start rotting.

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